5’2” and overweight

I always thought the idea of putting on weight when you get married was a myth.  For me it was not.  When I met Corre I was the thinnest I had ever been, but I was also depressed.  Corre made me happy and with the happiness came food it appears.  In no way do I regret becoming happy and putting on the weight that I had lost.  Each pound that I added proved more and more that Corre gave me joy.

I hit a point where putting on weight became an unhealthily lifestyle.  I used the excuse of being happy to not take care of my body.  I have tried different fades, but have never committed to a lifestyle change.  I tried in the beginning of the year but like always failed.  I joined weight watchers in April and lost 8 pounds in the first month.  I was feeling great; then the stress came.  Stress for me starts with not eating and then I gorge.

Until a week ago I was overly stressed and worried.  I gave up being stressed and worried to God.  I still have my moments of taking it back but every time I do I regret it.  It’s not mine to deal with anymore.  What is mine to deal with is getting healthy.  My goal when this year started out was to be healthy by 30 (July 24th).  Now my goal is to make a lifestyle change.  It doesn’t matter the deadline, it just matters that I do it and stick with the change.


1. Wake up by 8 daily (just because I’m unemployed doesn’t mean I get to be lazy)
2. Spend time with Jesus before going on Social Media (I don’t want the first things I grab towards to not be Jesus)
3. Walk (exercise needs to start somewhere)
4. Eat healthy (stop over eating!)